wait for"S.B. wait for the cat to jump."
EX: Before I decide which side to join, I wait for the cat to jump.
Ich möchte erst sehen, wie der Hase läuft
wait on"S.B. wait on S.B.."jemanden bedienen
wait until"S.B. can wait until the cows come home."
EX: He'll have to wait until the cows come home before he finds a publisher who is interested in publishing what he has written.
Da kann er lange warten
want on"S.B. want S.B.s bread buttered on both sides."
EX: He is not willing to make any sacrifice but wants his bread buttered on both sides.
Er kann den Hals nicht voll bekommen
waste"S.B. flogged a dead horse."
EX: He simply flogged a dead horse by trying to grow anything in his garden; the soil was too poor and the strong winds just blew everything down.
Er verschwendete seine Kraft
waste of"It's a waste of S.T..
EX: It's a waste of energy.
EX: It's a waste of money."
EX: It's a waste of time.
Verschwendung von ...
wearing "S.B. is wearing the birthday suit."nackt sein
what"What did S.B. VERB?"
EX: What did John say?

Was hat John gesagt?
what"What's S.B. name?"
EX: What's your name?
EX: What's her name?
Wie ist der Name von ...
Wie heißt Du?
Wie heißt sie?
what about"What about S.B.."Gibt's was neues von ...
what for"What can I do for S.B.?"Kann ich etwas für Dich tun?
what for"What do S.B. do for recreation."Was macht jemand in seiner Freizeit.
what for"What for?"weshalb, weswegen, wozu
whole"... the whole TIME"die ganze Zeit
whose"Whose S.T. is it?"Frage
win"S.B. win the day."den Sieg davontragen
wise guy"S.B. BE a smart aleck." (A)
EX: Ron is quite a smart aleck - thinks he knows it all.
Er ist ein Klugscheißer
with"Is that OK with S.B.?"???
wonder"S.B. wonder if ..."
EX: I wonder if she's going to come on time.
sich über etwas wundern
wonder"S.B. wonder QUESTION-WORD ..."
EX: I wonder who did that.
etwas gerne wissen wollen, sich fragen ob ...
work"S.T. do S.T. work"
EX: He does the house work.
eine Arbeit machen
work"S.T. work."etwas funktioniert
work for"S.B. work for COMPANY"
EX: Martin works for SEMA GROUP.
... arbeitet für COMPANY
work for"Who BE S.B. working for?"
EX: Who are you working for?
EX: Who is Martin working for?
Für wen arbeitet ... (zur Zeit)
work for"Who do S.B. work for?"
EX: Who does Martin work for?
Für wen arbeitet ...
work on"S.B. work on S.T.."an einer Sache arbeiten
work out"S.B. work out S.T.."etwas trainieren
working to"S.B. held S.B. nose to the grindstone."
EX: Justin has been working so hard recently; he has held his nose to the grind- stone for months now.
Er arbeitet ununterbrochen
worry about"S.B. is worried/concerned about S.T./S.B.."
EX: He's worried about the car.
Jemand ist besorgt um etwas/jemanden.
Er sorgt sich um das Auto.
Would"(Would you) VERB it, please?"
EX: Would you spell it please?
EX: Spell it please.
Aufforderung etwas zu tun
wrong"What's wrong with S.B./S.T.?"Was stimmt nicht mit ...?
wrong way"S.B. BE on a wild goose chase."
EX: He's on a wild goose chase trying to persuade his mother to go into an old people's home.
Er ist auf dem Holzweg