veer about"S.B. veers about like a weathercock."
EX: Willy is not too reliable; he does tend to veer about like a weather cock.
Er ist flatterhaft
via"S.T./S.B. via S.T./S.B.."London via Paris
visit"S.B. drop in on S.B.."jemanden besuchen
visit"S.B. pay S.B. a visit."jemanden besuchen
visit"S.B. pop in on S.B.."jemanden besuchen
visit on"S.B. call on S.B.."jemanden besuchen
visit over to"S.B. come over to S.B.."jemanden besuchen
vote forS.B. vote for S.T./S.B..jemanden wählen