Short of"Short of S.T.."nicht genug
Short"Lack of S.T.."nicht genug
Short"Not enough S.T.."nicht genug
same"Come hell or high water."
EX: However much work we have on next month, come hell or high water I'm going to have some time off.
Komme was wolle
save"S.B. save for a rainy day."etwas für schlechte Tage zurückbehalten
say"Let's say S.B. VERB."stell Dir mal vor ...
screw up"S.B. screw up."einen Fehler machen;etwas vermasseln
see to"S.B. see to S.B./S.T.."sich um etwas kümmern
seem to"S.B. seem to be ADJ.."
EX: John seems to be ill.
jemand scheint ... zu sein
John scheint krank zu sein.
send from"S.B. send S.B. from pillar to post."
EX: It was terrible when I went to the embassy to renew my passport. The officer in charge sent me from pillar to post before I finally reached the right office.
Er schickt mich von Pontius zu Pilatus
serve"S.B. serve S.B.."jemanden bedienen
set up"S.B. set S.T. up."etwas vorbereiten (planen, organisieren, arrangieren)
settle down"S.B. settle down."jemand setzt sich hin
settle in"S.B. resettle in S.W.."sich irgendwo niederlassen
settle in"S.B. settle down in S.W.."sich irgendwo niederlassen
shake with"S.B. shook S.B. sides with laughter."
EX: I shook my sides with laughter at her description of the funny scenes.
Ich schüttelte mich vor Lachen
shoot off"S.B. shoots off S.B. mouth." (A)
EX: Susie shoots off her mouth as soon as she sees somebody to talk to.
Sie hat ein loses Mundwerk
show of"S.B. show a clean pair of heels."
EX: As soon as Frank hears there is any work to do he shows a clean pair of heels.
Er macht sich aus dem Staub
show"S.B. show S.B. true colours."
EX: Walter showed his true colours when he was criticised. He didn't accept the criticism gracefully.
Er zeigt sein wahres Gesicht
sit out"S.B. sit a dance out."den Tanz überspringen.
sit out"S.B.'d rather sit the dance out."den Tanz lieber überspringen.
sleep in"S.B. sleep in."ausschlafen
sleep in"S.B. sleep in."ausschlafen
sleep over"S.B. over-sleep."verschlafen
sleep"S.B. fall asleep."einschlafen
sleeve up"S.B. HAVE S.T. up S.B. sleeve."etwas in petto haben
slow"S.B. slow down."???
smell"S.B. smell a rat."
EX: When the man came to the door selling carpets John smelt a rat and suspected the carpets had been stolen.
Er richt Lunte
sneak in"S.B. sneak in S.W.."einschleichen, reinmogeln
sorry"Sorry, S.B. can't remember."etwas vergessen haben
sorry"Sorry, S.B. don't know."etwas vergessen haben
sorry"Sorry, S.B. forgot."etwas vergessen haben
sorry"Sorry, S.B. have no idea."etwas vergessen haben
sort/kind of"It's a sort/kind of S.T.."von irgendeiner Art
sort/kind"What's kind of S.T.."von irgendeiner Art
speak"S.B. speak through a hole in S.B. hat."
EX: I hope you didn't believe all he said; most of the time he was speaking through a hole in his hat.
Grossen Unsinn daherreden
speak"S.B. speak/talk to/with S.B. about S.T./S.B.."mit jemandem über etwas sprechen
speed"S.B. speed up."???
spend in"S.B. spend TIME in S.W.."
EX: He spends one week in Paris.
Zeit verbringen/verweilen
spend on"S.B. spend MONEY on the S.T.."
EX: He spends DM 200,- on the shoes
spend on"S.B. spend time on S.T.."Zeit verbringen mit etwas
spend with"S.B. spend time with S.B.."Zeit verbringen mit jemanden
spend"to spend S.B.."jemanden abmurksen
spoiled"S.B. BE spoiled."verzogenes Kind
stake on"S.B. stake S.B. reputation on S.T.."sich mit seinem guten Namen für etwas verbürgen
stand"S.B. stand there like a stuffed dummy."
EX: Richard looked really stupid standing there like a stuffed dummy showing absolutely no reaction.
Er steht wie ein Ölgötze da
stare at"S.B. stare at S.B./S.T.."???
start/stop"at the beginning/end of S.T.."Anfang/Ende von etwas
stay for"S.B. stay in S.W. for TIME"
EX: She stays in Paris for one week.
Zeit verbringen/verweilen
stay up"S.B. stay up."aufbleiben (TV)
stock in"S.T. BE (not) in stock."(nicht) auf Lager
strain"S.B. fought teeth and nails."
EX: Henry fought tooth and nails to win the election. He did everything to make sure he would be successful.
Er kämpfte auf Teufel komm raus
stuck in"S.B. BE stuck in S.W./S.T.."
EX: The car is stick in the sand.
irgendwo stecken bleiben
stupid"As thick as two short planks."
EX: I can't understand why an intelligent girl like Helen could fall in love with a man like Brian - he's as thick as two short planks.
Dumm wie Bohnenstroh
stupid"Do you see any green in my eye?"
EX: You can't imagine I would take your remark seriously, or do you see any green in my eye?
Hältst du mich für einen Dummkopf?
subscribe to"S.B. subscribe to S.T.."etwas abonnieren
suck"S.B. suck the monkey."
EX: Andy has been sucking the monkey again. The problem is, whenever he starts drinking he never knows when to stop.
Er trinkt maßlos
sure"Are you sure?"Bist Du sicher
swear at"S.B. swear at S.B.."jemanden beschimpfen