object to"S.B. object to VERBing ..."
EX: I object to calling him now.
gegen etwas sein
offer to"S.B. offer to VERB."
EX: He offered to take me to the airport.
jemandem ein Angebot machen
order"S.T. BE on the blink."außer Betrieb
order"S.T. BE out of order."außer Betrieb
over"S.B. BE over S.B.."???
overdo"Don't make such a song and dance about."
EX: I do wish you wouldn't make such a song and dance about the Millers coming to dinner; it's really nothing special.
Mache nicht so eine Geschichte daraus
overstrain"S.B. BE on S.B. last legs."
EX: That horse won't be able to be entered for another race as he is on his last legs and wouldn't survive the strain.
Er pfeift aus dem letzten Loch
own"It's S.B. own fault."
EX: It's your own fault.
EX: It's my own fault.
eigene Schuld