dare"Don't you dare VERB."wage es nicht ....
date"S.B. BE dating S.B.."jemanden treffen (privat)
dead"S.B. BE dead serious."etwas ernst meinen, sich sicher sein
dead"S.B. BE pushing/kicking up the daisies."
EX: You must be surprised that you haven't seen Tom for so long. Well I'm afraid you won't ever see him again because he is now pushing up the daisies.
Er hat das Zeitliche gesegnet
dead"S.B. bite the dust."In's Gras beißen
dead"S.B. kick the bucket."Den Löffel abgeben
dead"S.B. kicked up S.B. heels."
EX: He was buried last Friday having kicked up his heels a week ago.
Er hat ins Gras gebissen
dead"S.B. pass away."jemand ist gestorben
dead"As dead as a doornail."
EX: There is no sound at all coming from the telephone - the line seems to be as dead as a doornail.
Mausetot sein
deal with"S.B. deal with S.B./S.T.."mit etwas handeln
auf etwas aufpassen; sich um etwas kümmern
decide on"S.B. decide on S.T.."
EX: We decide on N.Y.
sich für etwas entscheiden
decide to"S.B. decide to VERB."
EX: We decide to fly to N.Y.
sich entscheiden etwas zu tun
defect"S.T./S.B. BE up the creek."etwas ist kaputt
depend on"It depends on S.T./S.B.."abhängig von ...
depend on"What does it depend on?"Wovon hängt es ab?
depend"It depends QUES.WORD."
EX: It depends how much it costs.
abhängig von ...
Es hängt davon ab wie teuer es ist.
devote to"S.B. devote/sacrifice/offer S.T./S.B. to S.T./S.B.."???
devour"S.B. had a blow-out."
EX: Ian had a blow-out on his birthday and swore he wouldn't eat anything more for a week at least.
Er fraß sich den Bauch voll
disappoint"S.B. has a face as long as a fiddle."
EX: One can see how disappointed Julian is, his face is as long as a fiddle today.
Er ist sehr enttäuscht
do"Where do the S.T. belong?"Wohin gehören die Dinge?
do"Who do the S.T. belong to?"Wem gehören die Sachen
dog house"S.B. BE in for a bad time."
EX: Chris is in for a bad time at home since his wife discovered he wasn't doing overtime as he said he had been.
Ihm steht noch Ärger ins Haus
doghouse"S.B. BE in a doghouse."dicke Luft (nur zwischen Mann und Frau)
donate to"S.B. donate MONEY to S.T.."Geld spenden
dress up"S.B. dress up."festliche Kleidung anziehen
drive up"S.T./S.B. drive S.B. up the wall."irgendwas/irgendjemand regt mich auf
drive"That drives S.B. up the pole."
EX: It drives me up the pole to see people dropping their rubbish in the street instead of putting it into one of the litter bins available.
Dies macht mich verrückt
dropped in"S.B. dropped in."auf einen Sprung vorbeikommen
drunken"S.B. BE three sheets in the wind."
EX: Bob could hardly stand as he was three sheets in the wind.
Er war völlig betrunken
drunken"S.B. has a sheet in the wind."
EX: It was quite obvious that Jake had a sheet in the wind, he was hardly able to stand because of the amount of drink he had had.
Er war beschwipst
dust off"S.B. dust off S.T.." etwas entstauben, wieder hervorholen