about"What about S.B.?"was meint jemand
about"What about VERBing?"etwas vorschlagen
advise"S.B. advise S.B. to VERB."jemandem etwas empfehlen
agree with"S.B. (dis)agree with S.B."
EX: I agree with you.
EX: I disagree with you.
mit jemandem (nicht) übereinstimmen.
along"S.B. VERB along."
EX: Would you like come along?
etwas mitmachen (-kommen, -singen, -...)
also"S.B. BE on a par with."
EX: He is on par with any intellectual you may care to name.
Er ist ebenbürtig mit
apply"S.B. apply for S.T.."sich bewerben
arrive at"S.B. arrive at S.W.."irgendwo ankommen
arrive in"S.B. arrive in NAME OF S.W.."irgendwo ankommen
arrive in"S.B. arrived in S.W.."irgendwo ankommen
arrive"S.B. show up."erscheinen, ankommen
arrive"S.B. turn up."ankommen
as dead as"S.B. BE as dead as a dodo."
EX: The cat continued playing with the mouse even when it was as dead as a dodo.
Mausetot sein
as deaf as"S.B. BE as deaf as a doornail."
EX: You can speak as loudly as you want, but Peter won't hear you. He's as deaf as a doornail.
Er ist stocktaub
as drunk as"S.B. BE as drunk as a lord."
EX: The last time I saw Edward he was as drunk as a lord. In fact he had drunk so much that he couldn't even stand up on his own.
Vollgelaufen sein
as fit as"S.B. BE as fit as a fiddle."
EX: Terry often boasted that he was as fit as a fiddle because he went jogging everyday.
Fit wie ein Turnschuh sein
as happy as"S.B. BE as happy as a sand boy."
EX: Bob is as happy as a sand boy when he is working on his computer. It is some- thing he likes doing best of all.
Er ist quietschvergnügt
as like as"They are as like as chalk and cheese."
EX: One can hardly believe those two girls are sisters, they are as like as chalk and cheese.
Sie gleichen einander wie Tag und Nacht
as mad as"S.B. BE as mad as a March hare."
EX: The old lady was rather eccentric - in fact some people went so far as to say that she was as mad as a March hare.
Nicht alle beieinander haben
as"S.B. don't VERB as ADJ. as S.B."
EX: Peter doesn't sleep as long as his wife.
verneinender Vergleich (immer die positive Eigenschaft)
ask about"S.B. ask S.B. about S.T./S.B."sich erkundigen
ask for"S.B. ask S.B. for S.T."
EX: He asks him for a cigarette.
jemanden um etwas bitten.
ask to"S.B. ask S.B. to VERB"
EX: He asks me to pick him up.
jemanden bitten etwas zu tun.
ask to"S.B. ask to VERB."jemanden bitten etwas zu tun
away"S.B. escape/flee from S.B./S.T.."fliehen, entkommen, entfliehen